FORTUNA, Calif.(KIEM)- Fortuna native Cesar Cervantes remembers going to school when he was only seven years old. After arriving in class, he was sent home again because terrorists had attacked America. Cervantes never forgot that day, and as he got older, he said 9/11 became a motivator for him to serve his country.

“Most of the guys that I worked with were approximately my age, and the reason they joined was 9/11. A lot of the guys, surprisingly, are from California and Texas. So most of them are for god and county and all that kind of stuff. Some of them joined immediately as soon as they turned 18, And some of them joined at 17 with their parent’s permission. They wanted to join the military because of 9/11,” Cesar Cervantes, U.S Military Veteran. 

Cervantes continues to serve by being a member of the Ferndale Police Department.

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