The County is looking to partner up with Architects and Designers to offer more affordable housing

Courtesy: Humboldt County Planning and Building Department

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-Affordable housing for County residents is fundamental to a community’s wellbeing and the economy. However, economic conditions have generally improved affordable housing for those looking to rent remains out of reach for most residents.

Humboldt County needs more housing options, and the Planning and Building Department has launched a new project to encourage property owners to consider constructing duplexes to increase the variety and affordability of housing locally and they are doing so by looking for architects and designers interested in having their duplex plans pre-approved and featured on the county planning and building websites. 

“Projects that we have to offer to pre-approve duplexes plans to the public is part of a broader sweep of projects that we are Planning, and Building Department is undertaking which are all geared towards reducing barriers to increase housing within the community,” said Keenan Hilton, Planner at Planning and building department.

In 2022, the Planning and Building Department plans to launch an online library of pre-approved duplex plans owned by architects and designers.

They would then connect interested individuals with the owners of the pre-approved plans. The program aims to boost housing production and improve the experience of property owners by reducing the cost, uncertainty, and time of the building process.

“The affordability of the project will be one of the criteria that would guide the selection of who will receive that benefit,” said Keenan Hilton.

The project’s benefit is that in exchange for the covered cost of pre-approval, designers and architects are expected to reduce the cost of their services by the value of the pre-approval, similar to the Los Angeles Department of building and safety.

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