New Mural in Rio Dell

RIO DELL, Calif.(KIEM)- The Rio Dell-Scotia Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the painting of a new mural as part of the Rio Dell Façade Improvement Project. The project is aimed at encouraging efforts to bring new life to downtown buildings and storefronts. The project also offers incentives for building owners to beautify their property.

The new mural is located on the corner of Wildwood Ave. and Monument Rd. in downtown Rio Dell. The custom designed mural depicts some of Rio Dells historical individuals and scenes from the past 150 years.

“This is a piece that we’ve developed with the Chamber of Commerce and with various ideas on how we can bring together a cohesive image of the very many timelines and industries, recreation, and communities that have made Rio Dell their home,” said Julia Fordyce, artist of the mural. 

The mural is set to be finished sometime in the middle of August. 

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