Lost Coast Pride is Hosting their 3rd Annual Ferndale Pride Weekend


In honor of Pride Month, the festivities continue this weekend in Humboldt county 

as the annual Ferndale Pride Weekend starts this Saturday (June 24th).

Redwood News spoke with the Executive Director of the non-profit organization Lost Coast Pride, Kaelan “Papa K” Rivera. 

The weekend begins with a Pride Ride Parade at the Arcata Safeway at 11 a.m. 

“We decorate our cars, rainbow flags, chalk, and then we drive from Arcata to Rohnert Park in Fortuna,” Rivera said “Just to show our pride, just to show that we’re here […] to me, if the ‘Trumpers’ can have a big ol parade, then the queer folk can have a big ol parade, too.”

And on Sunday (June 25th) the Ferndale Pride March will start at the Old Steeple around noon. Dozens of vendors and other community resources will be in Ferndale that day as well.

“For those that can’t make it down to San Francisco, for those that are desperately wanting things to be up here, that’s why it’s a weekend,” Rivera said. “Last year, there was one Pride event, and that was Ferndale, this year every weekend was packed with the Pride events.”

This weekend–much like all of pride month is about love, expression, community, and support.

“We’re not open to people who are hecklers and troublemakers, and that kind of thing. But yes, we are open to people who are allies, who are part of our queer community,” Rivera said.

With hundreds of anti-LGBTQ+ bills being introduced across the states this year alone–community support and action is of utmost importance. And Humboldt County has come a long way from where it was before… 

“We have different organizations now, you know, we have the sisters that are in Eureka, we have Redwood Pride in Eureka, the group that put on a Pride there in Mckinleyville, and of course, there’s Cal Poly, you know, progress is happening,” Rivera said.

for more information visit lost coast prides Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LostCoastPride