City of Eureka tracking economic impact of cannabis businesses

EUREKA – As local governments pass legislation to regulate personal use of cannabis, the City of Eureka is anticipating an economic boost from commercial operations.
Forty-two different cannabis-related businesses are currently in the permitting process.
Eureka’s Development Services Department is asking each of those to voluntarily submit employment data like number of employees, salary amounts and ranges.
It’s part of an effort to better understand how many new jobs will be created by the industry. It will also evaluate if any businesses will be leaving as a result.
Development Services Director Rob Holmlund said cannabis-related business has the potential to add millions in payroll that didn’t exist this time last year.
Holmlund said, “It will have a substantial impact on our economy overall. What we have to do is make sure that it doesn’t’ have negative impacts… and so that’s really staff’s job now is to make sure that what Council has said they want to see in the city operates in a way that’s safe for all the neighbors and residents of Eureka.”