Measure Z passage a ‘step in the right direction’ says board president

SAMOA/FAIRHAVEN/FINNTOWNE – Residents on the peninsula overwhelmingly approved the formation of a new community services district.
Results still need to be certified but the final report from election night showed nearly 78% of voters supported the idea of dissolving the Samoa Peninsula Fire District and reorganize as the Peninsula Community Services District.
Board members will serve out their terms then can run for election in two years.
Current Board President Troy Nicolini said he’s excited that ten years of hard work paid off with Tuesday’s vote.
Nothing will change in the short term. Nicolini said Measure Z ensures that fire and medical service will continue to be provided in Samoa, Fairhaven and Finntowne.
“The folks working on this don’t have all the answers about how this is going to look as we move forward one year, five years out,” Nicolini said, “but what we know is the future for the peninsula was looking very challenging without some kind of solution so we believe this is a good step in the right direction. There’s still much more work to be done but this is moving in the right direction.”