Seeking Clarity: Locals connect with State Lands Commission

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Ordinarily, the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group meets at Samoa Cookhouse to discuss the local waterfront. Today, the group hosted a special Q and A session in Eureka, with the State Lands Commission.

A public workshop Wednesday, over video chat, was intended to clear up some of the “mystery” surrounding the governing body.

“There’s just a general lack of knowledge about them.” Marion Brady, a member of the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group says, referring to the State Lands Commission. “They’re kind of an esoteric group that we just don’t have a lot of interaction with, so we were hoping to just educate the public and give everybody the change to become knowledgeable.”
Bringing representatives from the state agency to Humboldt County has proved difficult for several years group members say, so the video chat provided a perfect compromise.
At Wednesday’s meeting owners of water front property and other interested parties were encouraged to ask about things like trustee agencies, waterfront property rights, and tide land settlements.
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