200-foot-tall emergency services towers to be built across the North Coast

– Permits for the Red Mountain emergency tower communication site, located on sacred Yurok territory, are expiring in 2022.

Now the state’s Office of Emergency Services is looking to replace the site, with between three to four new emergency communication towers  across the North Coast.

At an Arcata Community Center meeting, residents gathered to share their opinions on the potential new locations – including Rattlesnake Peak, Alder Camp, Orick, two Green Diamond-owned locations, and Rodgers Peak in Redwood National Park.

Some have strong opposition to installing nearly 200 feet high towers in the national park.

The emergency communication sites would be used for state and federal agencies, exclusively.

“A lot of people assume that we are trying to put up cell towers, but it’s not,” said Senior Environmental Planner, Stephanie Coleman, “These are for emergency communications. This is to make sure that we can get people out in the fastest way possible in the case of an emergency, and they don’t lose coverage.”

You still have time to share your input on the project, and proposed locations.

The state is accepting comments until January 29th.

For more information and to submit comments:  http://www.dgs.ca.gov/resd/Programs/EnvironmentalServicesSection/CaliforniaEnvironmentalQualityAct.aspx