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Jeff Giacomini made his name on the North Coast playing for the Humboldt Crabs from 2007-2009.  But as News Channel 3's Chet Davis explains, Giacomini is leading a new team in Humboldt.  Jeff Giacomini is our Athlete of the Week.  

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It’s the last week of the season for the Humboldt Crabs. Once again, another successful summer for Humboldt on and off the field. News Channel 3’s Chet Davis shows us what the Crabs do when they’re not playing at the Arcata Ballpark.  

Brent Gillespie got off to a shaky start with the Humboldt Crabs. But now he’s one of the best hitters on the team. News Channel 3’s Chet Davis caught up with the infielder to find out how he turned it around. Gillespie is the Athlete of the Week. 

A McKinleyville race car driver remains in the hospital following a crash Saturday night at Redwood Acres.


It happened during the bomber race at the Eureka track.


The back right tire came off the car of Leonard Ward and is struck by Donnie Hyman’s car causing it to go airborne and coming to a rest in the dirt infield.


Emergency crews had to cut...

California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that puts serious constraints on middle-and-high school football players.


It's just the latest effort to minimize brain injuries from the popular sport.


Helmet cracking and pad crunching will continue on game day however big changes are in store for North Coast football players in terms of practices.


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The Humboldt Crabs were looking for a little revenge with The Redding Colt 45's in town. Earlier in the season, Humboldt dropped 2 of 3 to Redding in the valley. We'll have highlights of game 3 of the series. Crabs left fielder Beau Bozett joins us in studio. And it's the last Question of the Week. This week, one viewer will earn a special prize. 

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After a 14-inning loss, the Humboldt Crabs were back on the diamond Sunday afternoon trying to get back on track facing Walnut Creek. We have highlights and post game reaction from the Arcata Ballpark. Plus, we're joined by Crabs infielder E.J. Stanton who grew up in the north state. And as always, we give the viewers a chance to win two tickets to an upcoming Crabs game.


Get the brooms out!  The Humboldt Crabs have swept the Menlo Park Legends.  Relive the Sunday finale with Chet Davis on Crabs Corner.  Plus, a sit-down interview with former head coach and current Crabs recruiter Robin Guiver.  

Crabs Corner returned home this weekend!  We're glad to be back and so our the Humboldt Crabs.  Humboldt is riding a six-game winning streak having swept back-to-back series.  On the show, News Channel 3's Chet Davis brings you highlights of the Crabs' extra-inning thriller against the Solano Mudcats, an interview with local Crab Zack Stone, and of course the question of the week. 

It's Crabs Corner "The Redding Edition."  Humboldt wrapped up its week-long road trip with a weekend series at the Redding Colt .45's.  News Channel 3's Chet Davis survived the heat to bring you all the action, including an interview with the Mayor of Redding, Rick Bosetti.  

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