Eureka High’s Welding Shop Closed Due To Safety Concerns, Program Will Continue

EUREKA – Eureka High School’s welding shop has been deemed too unsafe to house students, but the program will still be offered this year.

The shop across from Albee Stadium has been the site of welding lessons for more than sixty years, and the building hasn’t been upgraded in that time. It was already on the district’s list for Measure S funded repair, then a study revealed that the ground underneath had given way, leaving a 4″ gap between the foundation and the ground in some places.

District officials chose to close the building for the upcoming school year and move the program in to the auto shop.

Superintendent Fred Van Vleck said the district hopes to have a new welding shop open before next school year. It’s expected to cost several million dollars. Van Vleck said the state might bear some of that financial burden.

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Eureka City Schools Superintendent Fred Van Vleck said, “Because this building’s going to have to be no longer used for student use it is highly likely – in fact greater than a 90% likelihood we just haven’t completed the entire process yet – that Sacramento will come in and match our local funds with a 50% match. So basically dollar for dollar of what we put in, our local funds, for the new building.”

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