Wildfire ash causes long lines at local car washes

EUREKA – With ash from the wildfires spreading all over the North Coast, Eureka drivers are headed to the car wash.

Tuesday the line at Carriage Car Wash in Eureka was all the way out to the street.

The owner says that during this time of year, being this busy is typical, but this year, they’re seeing ash on every car that comes through.

They estimate they’re cleaning a few hundred cars each day, and it’s keeping them busy.

“With all the ash in the air and stuff like that we’ve definitely gotten a lot busier than what we usually are,” said an employee of Carriage Car Wash, Tommy Wilber, “You don’t want to leave it on your car for too long because it can ruin your paint job. It makes it harder because we have to take more time washing the cars. It’s going to take more time if you’re going through the car wash than what it usually does.”

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