Man injured in logging accident flown to hospital


KORBEL – One man is injured in a logging accident and is taken to the hospital by helicopter.

The freak accident, which involved a logging worker in his 50’s, took place in the Korbel area off of Maple Creek Road this morning around 10 a.m. The nature of the accident is unclear at this stage, but it’s been confirmed that the man has suffered broken bones, possibly including a spinal injury and a broken collar bone and ribs. Cal Fire, Blue Lake Fire and Arcata Ambulance responded, and a helicopter was flown in to transport the victim to Saint Joseph Hospital.

Logging is the most dangerous profession in America according to the amount of injuries recorded per person working in that field. For example, in 2016 there were 91 fatal injuries and 900 nonfatal injuries recorded. This is no surprise, as logging is physically very demanding and the location of the work is usually outdoors and in remote areas. The most common accident is when a worker is struck by an object, like a log or falling branch. Also, remember that logging workers deal with dangerous machinery such as harvesters and chainsaws regularly.

The man’s family are said to be considering contacting a lawyer who specialises in work injuries as they may seek compensation for his back injury in particular. His current condition is unknown, but it is believed he is stable and officials say they are optimistic.