McKinleyville Football Suspended From Homecoming Game


The McKinleyville high school football team has been struggling with injuries and with a low number of players on the team, they have had to forfeit games. Now the varsity team will not be participating in their homecoming game or parade due to poor decisions made by some of the players.

McKinleyville Principal Nic Collart called parents of several students at McKinleyville informing them that the team will not participate in the homecoming game or parade.

In a press release, Collart says, “Earlier this week some members of our varsity football team made a poor decision, which in effect was damaging to students, staff and our community. It negatively impacted the perception of McKinleyville high school.”

He would go on to thank the students who came forward to address the issue and asked that the community support the junior varsity team who will still play on Friday night at 7:30pm.

Collart finishes by saying, “Our school is committed to being a welcoming and safe place for all students and their families. We will continue working to uphold that standard.”