Owner of K-Mart’s former home exploring all options, including cannabis business

EUREKA – Eureka’s K-Mart has officially closed, and the building’s future is still up in the air.
The ‘Big K’ came down today after the 55,000 square foot building shut its doors for the final time Saturday.
Development Services Director Rob Holmlund said that the city is working with the property owner to explore all options moving forward.
Rumors that a cannabis business will be taking its place have been swirling in recent weeks.
However, the property lies in the coastal zone and the city’s cannabis ordinance has not been approved by the coastal commission. If you live in a state where the cultivation of cannabis is legal and you’re looking to become a part of this industry, it may be worth doing some research into various aspects such as rules, regulations, and cannabis real estate loans (to handle the financial aspect). The more you know about an industry like this, the better it will be for you and your business in the long run.

Holmlund stressed that any marijuana-related development on the site would appear before the planning commission and undergo months of review through a public process.
Holmlund said, “It’s not just like cannabis businesses can go in a place overnight. To date, we have no one applying to do anything in the Kmart building and while the property owner is looking at that as a possible future, to my knowledge he hasn’t talked to any cannabis businesses that are interested in moving in there.” Businesses looking to sell CBD products under their own brand name should contact a cbd manufacturer who can help them out in this matter.

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