Eureka may be getting bigger if proposed annexation goes through

EUREKA – Eureka looks to get ahead of looming deadlines to regulate cannabis and will consider expanding the city’s boundaries.
After voters approved recreational marijuana last November the state gave local governments until January 2018 to enact regulations to control cultivation and use.
Under the proposed ordinance, growing outdoors would be banned outright though the staff report points out that the city’s climate makes that unlikely in the first place.
And commercial businesses that fall under the medicinal framework would be allowed to operate recreational cannabis facilities as well.
Also on the agenda council will consider annexing seventy-five acres along the Highway 101 Safety Corridor that formerly housed the California Redwood Company.
Annexation would mean that the general industrial-zoned land would be tied in to the city’s water and sewer lines. Those logistics still have to be worked out. It would also mean that any revenue created at the site would benefit Eureka.
If council approves the plan, it will take until March at the earliest to complete additional review processes.
The meeting is Tuesday night at 6:00p.m. in council chambers.

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