Five Eureka firefighters added to Sacramento memorial wall


EUREKA – It took months to make it happen, and now five firefighters who died in service of our community have been recognized by the state.
Members of the Humboldt Bay Honor Guard looked on as the names of Leonard Winslow, Captain George Davis, Ray Somma, Adolph Oss, and Robert McGillivray were revealed on the California Fire Foundation Firefighter’s Memorial in Sacramento last Saturday.
The wall and annual ceremony honors those who died in the line of duty. The five men joined Ken Voss whose name was added to the wall following his death in 2004.
Engineer David Terry said hundreds of firefighters and community members lined up to pay respects to the thirty-one honorees.
Terry said it was an emotional day but one he was proud to be a part of.
Humboldt Bay Fire Engineer David Terry, “Nobody likes to see more names added to a wall like that but if something tragic is going to happen, it’s nice to know that they’re going to be remembered and that they’re going to be honored.”
For a more extensive look at what it took to recognize these men and how they served this community, follow this link