Stopping in cider country: Apple Harvest Festival reins in Fortuna



Fortuna, Ca., (KIEM)- One of “the friendly city’s” favorite fall festivals has arrived. Apple Harvest began when Carol Clendenen decided she wanted to celebrate the season. The Clendenens started giving out treats at the cider works on 12th street. Over the years volunteers across the community have pitched in to make the autumn affair the memorable event that it is now. 

Attendees got to experience live music, buy pies for charity, check out helicopters, and meet volunteer fire fighters after a hay ride- and that’s only if they stayed near Main Street. At the cider works hay rides turned to orchard tours. There was apple tasting; applewood BBQ and all manner of desserts from the star fruit were served.

And participants say, the event gives unique incite into small farms, and the ins and outs of local agriculture. “People are disconnected from agriculture, and it’s really important. This is the kind of event where people are allowed to get a hands on kind of feel for it.” Ben Marshall, who drove one of the hay-ride tractors said.

“I really like farming and growing food for people.” Drew Clendenen, the latest farmer in the family line says. “Creating an event like this that allows people to take a hay wagon ride, see an orchard and taste different apples…new ones like Fuji and older vintage varieties like Spitzenberg or Bellflower, that’s really cool.”