Eureka has a new ward map and regulations for personal cannabis use


EUREKA – Eureka approved a new ward map and weighed how to regulate personal use of marijuana.
Council voted five to zero to adopt new ward boundaries that became necessary after voters approved Measure P last November. While council members Allison and Messner now live in the same district, they will both serve out their terms.
And for the second time, members had a lengthy discussion about regulating personal cannabis use and cultivation.
The city’s ordinance calls for a ban on outdoor growing, a limit of six plants and no more than fifty feet of growing space. So you’re still able to legally grow cannabis like your thin mint girl scout cookies strain, just under different regulations and requirements.
Council members shared concerns about those under 21 having access to that space. Staff recommended adopting the ordinance then revising the rules in the future.
Before the vote, Mayor Jager echoed former Council Member Melinda Ciarabellini’s statement that this wasn’t his vision for Eureka. He said his only solace is that with everyone growing marijuana all of the cannabis-related companies will be out of business soon. Jager shook his head as the ordinance passed unanimously.
Eureka’s Development Services Director Rob Holmlund said the discussion about how best to regulate cannabis will continue.
Holmlund said, “This could come back to council. Some of the points that will come back is whether rooms should be locked when people are growing in their own homes, distances to schools, things like that and so we’re not done. the community still has concerns. Staff still has things we want to look at.”