Yurok Tribal Council installs new members

KLAMATH – Every seat in the chamber was full as Yurok Tribal Council installed two new members and a returning member.
Council Member Ryan Ray will continue to serve the Requa District while Edward Horse Aubrey will represent the North District and Toby Vanlandingham holds the seat for Weitchpec.
Having won by only one vote Vanlandingham said he is grateful for the opportunity to serve.
Council Member Ray said he will not forget that he represents the people of his district.
After the installation, outgoing Council Members Jack Mattz and Thomas Willson were honored with a standing ovation for their service.
Chairman Thomas O’Rourke, Sr. thanked the community for its support and said this new council will continue to work towards complete self-sustainability.
Chairman O’Rourke, Sr. said, “To serve on council is a high honor within our people and for any people. to me it’s new minds coming in, new energy, to carry out our objectives, our goals for this council and for our people.”