Fortuna crime prevention specialist gives safety advice


FORTUNA – A Fortuna Police Department Crime Prevention Specialist gave a safety presentation to Chamber and community members on Monday.

The forum focused on personal safety, as well as safety at work and while traveling, with emphasis on the importance of awareness and preparedness.

He recommends having emergency kits in your home and car, and being cognizant of issues going on in the areas you may be traveling to.

Traditionally, the Fortuna Police Department has based this program on the latest scams, but with violent crime and natural disasters on the rise, this year they decided to adjust their focus to meet the needs of the times.

“This year, because of a lot of things going on in the community and in the nation, I’ve decided to present a program on personal safety,” explained Crime Prevention Specialist and speaker, Enoch Ibarra, “Top tips – number one, listen to your intuition. Number two, have awareness of things that are going on and people around you.”