Suspected DUI driver kills two teens

REDDING, CA. A suspected drunk driver crashes into a car full of teenagers, killing two, including a Hoopa girl.

The early morning crash happened in Redding at the intersection of Hartnell Avenue and Churn Creek road.

A Ford Freestyle struck the back of a Toyota Corolla that was stopped at a red light, sending both vehicles into the intersection.

19-year-old Erica Young of Hoopa, along with 18-year-old Wa-Rec Lacy of Redding was pronounced dead at the scene.

Three other teens were in the car, including 19-year-old Ralph Joseph of Hoopa, who sustained arm and leg injuries, but was released from the hospital.

The driver of the Ford, Kendra Andersen Schwegerl, was booked into the Shasta County Jail on two counts of vehicular manslaughter, and DUI with injury.

Drunk driving ruins lives, these teenagers won’t have a chance to grow up because of this drunk driver. Their parents are going to be going through a lot of pain and torment inside because of their kids being killed by a drunk driver. They can go through all the legal processes to bring this driver to justice, it won’t bring their children back but it could prevent this happening again to someone else, that may bring some peace of mind to them.

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