Man accused of firing at Fish and Wildlife Officer in 2016 reaches plea deal


EUREKA – The man accused of attempting to murder a Fish and Wildlife Officer in 2016 pleaded guilty to lesser charges.
In August of 2016, a Fish and Wildlife Warden contacted a group of men in the Carlotta area for suspected poaching. Shawn Hof, Jr. fired at the officer then fled.
That kicked off a multi-agency effort to locate Hof, Jr. who turned himself in on August 10th of this year following a series of raids in Ferndale and Fortuna.
The trial for the crime reached its eighth day and jury selection had begun when Hof, Jr. and his public defender reached a plea agreement with the District Attorney’s Office.
The attempted murder charge was dismissed. Hof, Jr. admitted to the remaining four charges.
The agreement calls for a twenty year prison sentence. A formal sentencing hearing is set for early January.