A Hometown Success Story: Creator of a Nickelodeon Short shares his story

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)-¬†Trevor Reece was the kid who got in trouble in class for doodling instead of paying attention. At age nine he prepared his first “story-book” a cartoon concept that he planned to send to Nickelodeon.

Now, Reece is the creator of an all new short titled “Cupcakery of Doom.” Inspired by classic ‘NickToons’, like ‘Pinky and the Brain’ the film stars two mice: Patches and Cheesebert. They plan to take over the world, with cupcakes.

Reece drafted the story in college (he was a student at College of the Redwoods). He later spent time as a blogger, interviewing cartoonists and voice actors at Comic-Con. After meeting a few Nickelodeon icons, he submitted his idea. Now, it has come to life.

Reece lives in Las Angeles, and hopes to see Cupcakery of Doom sprout into an all out series. Until then, he says finding success when you follow your dreams can come down to perseverance. His advice: simply stick with it.

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