Eureka Council, community discuss needle disposal options


EUREKA – During a nearly four hour meeting, Eureka City Council heard a report on how to cut down on needle waste.
Police Chief Steve Watson and Humboldt’s Public Health Director Michele Stephens gave a presentation on the county’s Syringe Services Program. In part, they shared how needle disposal could fit with Eureka’s efforts to reduce bio-hazardous waste in public spaces.
Watson said both drug addiction and irresponsible behavior by needle users are compounding this serious issue.
During public comment, some said current needle exchange programs weren’t working and called for ending them all together. Others said that would be short-sighted, and needle exchange was a proven option for cutting down on infectious disease rates.
The report was informational only so no action was taken.
Staff will propose locations for a needle disposal kiosk pilot project at the next regular council meeting on January 16th.