17-Year-Old Pedestrian Killed in Overnight Crash


Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- A teenage pedestrian was killed overnight, hit by a car on Walnut Drive in Eureka. According to California Highway Patrol the crash happened just before 11:45 pm on December 30th. At that time roads were wet. Fog reduced visibility to no more than 800 feet.

The driver of the Honda that struck the teenager was travelling at 40 miles per hour down the road when the crash happened. The right side of the car hit the victim, who would succumb to their injuries after being transported to St. Joseph Hospital. Officers also say the driver remained on scene, and blocked traffic to protect the 17-year-old male victim.

Alcohol and drugs are not believed to be a factor in the crash, but an investigation is on-going. The family are now left to instigate legal proceedings with a specialist firm from phoenix, but will suffer from their grief for many years to come.