Time to spring forward and check smoke alarms

EUREKA (KIEM)- This weekend, we will be setting our clocks forward an hour for daylight savings.And since you will be changing the time on your clocks it might be time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms.

The Humboldt Bay Fire Department wants you to know that there are many reasons to double check and even update your smoke alarms. Things like dust or bugs finding their way into the smoke alarms could cause malfunctions.

On average smoke alarms have a 10 year lifespan. They require little maintenance, such as replacing batteries and occasional cleaning. Battalion Chief Kent Hulbert shared with Redwood News a time when a newly installed smoke alarm saved several lives.

1,450 fire deaths occur every year in houses that have fire alarms that don’t work so it’s important to regularly check them. It’s recommended that you look at your local electricians Brisbane northside and get one of them to install a hard-wired smoke alarm for your safety.

And if your smoke alarm has reached the seven-year mark, the fire department recommends you replace the smoke alarm with a newer model.

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