Arcata officer injured while preventing theft suspect from self-harm


ARCATA, CA. – An Arcata Police officer is injured during an altercation with a theft suspect.

It happened about 6:45 Friday morning when Arcata officers responded to a theft call at a business on Valley West Boulevard.

When officers arrived, they found 45-year old Christopher Michael Slocum of Clayton, Indiana sitting in his car with the doors locked.

Slocum refused commands to get out of the car or roll down the window.

Officers say he then pulled out a knife, and started to cut his own neck.

That’s when they broke the passenger window, and wrestled the knife away from Slocum.

During that struggle, an officer was cut on the hand.

Slocum was arrested and taken to Mad River Community Hospital.

After being treated for self-inflicted injuries, he was taken to the Humboldt County Jail, and charged with obstructing or resisting an officer.