HSU program for students battling food insecurity awarded 77K grant

ARCATA, CA. – More funding for food-insecure college students is approved for Humboldt State University.

According to HSU, as many as one in five students say they have regularly skipped meals because they didn’t have enough money and one in fourteen say at least once in the last year they didn’t eat for an entire day.

With the issue keeping students from being healthy and causing some to drop out, HSU’s Oh Snap food program aims to curb this growing problem.

It’s been announced Tuesday that program will receive an additional $77,000 in grant funding from the California State University system.

“Food is an essential need to live, let alone study and be a successful student, and so it’s really essential that we are supporting students in every way that we can possible,” said Ravin Craig, HSU Campus Health Educator.

HSU says the money will go towards buying food, containers, and equipment, as well to organizing a new campus meal donation program, and creating an online thrift store for freshman, and a committee to address these food and housing insecurity issues at Humboldt State.

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