Hart family mother was driving drunk at time of fatal Mendocino County crash


MENDOCINO COUNTY, CA. – New details are unveiled in a crash involving a family of eight.

On March 26, the bodies of Jennifer and Sarah hart, and three of their six adopted children – Markis, Jeremiah, and Abigail – were found at a rocky shoreline below a cliff in Mendocino, following a crash.

Sheriff Thomas Allman confirmed that driver Jennifer Hart’s alcohol blood level at the time of the crash was above the legal limit, at .10.

It was also revealed that Jennifer Hart’s wife, Sarah, and two of the three children whose bodies were found, had significant levels of an ingredient found in Benadryl – which is a medicine that can cause drowsiness.

Their three other children – Devonte, Hannah, and Sierra – are still considered missing.

However, another body, which has yet to be identified, was found in the general area last week.

DNA test results are pending.

Investigators believe the crash was intentional, finding that Jennifer Hart accelerated to 90mph at about 70 feet away from the edge.

The motive is still unclear.