Upward Hound has Pups Homeward Bound

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM)- L K Wood Boulevard runs parallel to Humboldt State University. Along it’s path, in the trees, one seventy five pound shepherd mix faced an uphill battle. Gypsy was providing for her puppies on a literal hill, nestling her litter inside a makeshift doghouse and redwood stump.

Hearing about the stray’s struggle on social media, Markus Milligan would intervene. He’s the founder of Upward Hound Pet Rescue in McKinleyville. “I’ve always wanted to run an animal rescue,” He explains. For years, Upward Hound was filed away as a dream. Until personal tragedy shifted Milligan’s perspective.

His dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma. “It was a reminder that life is too short.” Milligan explains, and it inspired him to hurry to open a shelter for animals in need. He’s also not using the traditional kennel model. Choosing not to house puppies (like 15 week-old Ellie) in kennels at all. He’s constructed “Studio Apartments” for the animals that stay at Upward Hound.

With the help of a grant from Humboldt Area Foundation, he’s looking to open a second facility soon. For now, the goal is to find a forever home for Gypsy and her puppies.

Gypsy on the hill behind HSU where she was later caught, and where News Channel 3 met Ellie

Ellie, one such pup, is mild and sweet. She may seem shy initially, but Milligan touts her intelligence. “She learned to give five before she was five weeks old.” He says. Milligan also says she isn’t likely to be very large, and is friendly with other animals.

If you are interested in adopting Ellie, you can visit Upward Hound Pet Rescue on Facebook. You can also email them at upwardhoundpetrescue@gmail.com, or call (707) 362-9675.