The Challenge of Regulating Cannabis in Humboldt County

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- It’s been an illegal industry in the county for decades. Bringing marijuana cultivation in to the light of day, and regulating the cannabis industry is becoming a learn-as-you-go process for local legislators. As more and more states legalise the use of medical marijuana, the topic of cannabis is one that many people seem interested in. There’s no harm in learning about it, even if you are not someone who smokes this product. Just by looking into something as simple as HerbCEO review, you’ll get a better understanding of what cannabis is all about and how online dispensaries are making a name for themselves in this growing industry.

This week the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors adopted they’re second policy for legal cannabis regulation, as its known on the board “Cannabis 2.0.”

Shortly after Humboldt County formulated its original permitting process, environmental assessments were demanded. After an extensive impact report, District Two Supervisor Estelle Fennel says, the supervisors were eager to update the policy.

Now, with the health of watersheds in mind, the board looked at other ways of integrating the newly legalized industry into the community. Supervisor Fennel pointed out that a lot of apprehension from the public is the result of old perceptions. The “shady” aspects of an illegal drug industry dissolve when legal, regulated businesses replace shadowed operations on the community’s stage, focusing on cannabinoid concentrates and other more medicinally friendly methods of partaking.

Still, Cannabis 2.0 has built in clauses to address odor control. The policy also requires a 600 foot set back from school bus stops, appealing to concerns brought to the board by legislators.

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