7 kittens found dead at Martin’s Slough


Elk River., Ca –The Humboldt County Sheriff’s office is investigating an alarming animal abuse case.

They got a tip about kittens intentionally drowned at Martin’s Slough in Eureka. A person found them under a rock near the Slough Bridge turnout. There was one live kitten which was taken to the Sequoia Humane Society. A Humane Society volunteer went to the scene and found five dead six-week old kittens and another critically-injured kitten. Both injured kittens were taken to a vet, but died.

If you have any information on this case, call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office at:

(707) 445-7251

Humboldt County Animal Control would like to remind the public that there are several local animal rescues that will accept pets if you are unable to care for them. To find out more information on these rescues, contact the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at:

(707) 840-9132