Justice for Josiah vigil takes over Arcata City Council meeting


Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) What started as a vigil on the lawn of Arcata’s City Hall ended with supporters of the Justice for Josiah movement, inside of the city chambers, Wednesday evening.

A vigil was held for the anniversary of the death of Josiah Lawson the Humboldt State University student who was killed back in April 2017.

Supporters and friends of the Lawson family marched through the doors of city hall, the same time the city council meeting takes place, chanting “Justice for Josiah”, “Black Lives Matter” and “Bring Tom Parker Back.”

Jill Larrabee, member of the NAACP said people need to acknowledge the history of racism in Humboldt County and should start taking accountability for their actions.

”I believe in justice and humanity,” said larrabee. “Reading the news every single day there are black bodies being murdered every day with no justice. We want to keep bringing it to light and we want to not let this get swept under the rug, which is something that happens in Humboldt.  ”

Due to the extended vigil and active scene, city council and those present for Wednesday night’s meeting will reconvene at a later date.