Annual Waffle Breakfast hosted by Eureka Woman’s Club all for good a cause

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM) The Eureka Woman’s Club hosted its Annual Waffle Breakfast. The goal, to support local non-profits.

Former president, Claudia Cranford, tells Redwood News that she and her father began this fundraising effort over 20 years ago, and she couldn’t think of anything better than to support other local organizations.

“Every penny that comes in the door is divided four ways and goes to the four nonprofits,” said Cranford. “This year, it’s the Senior Resource Center elderly meals, the milk fund, we spend $200 a month providing milk to the youngsters that eat at free lunch, the Forgotten Initiative which is a support resource for foster families, and the Sequoia Humane Society.”

Cranford and Doris London another past president said they live to serve their community because after all that is where their passion lies.

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