Arcata residents provide feedback regarding Village Housing Project

Arcata, Ca.,(KIEM) A full house in the Arcata council chambers, Wednesday nigth. Arcata residents and the city’s community development staff met to review the revisions for the village Housing Project formerly known as the Village Student Housing Project.

This week, the city posted a modified plan for the 240 unit project after the project owner reconsidered plans for the housing project to include open market, student-oriented housing, along with other major changes; at the request of council back in August of last year.

At Wednesday nights meeting there was no public comment however residents still got an opportunity to be heard. Members of the community were divided into groups and given a chance to visit 3 workstations, each, with a different category: housing mix, neighborhood compatibility, and project revisions.

One Arcata resident said he is excited that the village project is back on the city’s radar because housing is needed for both students and the community.

“I’m feeling very confident that this is a win for the community and win for the University, shared Vernon Price. “It would tear down the stereotypes that the community has about the University students and the interaction would be able to tear down the stereotypes and stigmas.”

Council was not present at tonight’s meeting but will collect all resident feedback and discuss the findings at the first council meeting in February, which will be open for public comment.