Reckless driving at Jacobs Junior High School

EUREKA, CA. (KIEM) – A scary moment for the employees of New Directions as a reckless driver slams into the abandoned Jacobs Education Center, in Eureka.

The incident happened at around 9:30 Wednesday night on the east side of the building. As you can see, there are tire marks on the parking lot, and in the grass near the building. The driver went through a metal barrier and backed into these doors causing thousands of dollars in damages. John Shelter who is the operator of the cleanup says he had several employees in the building at the time and believes this driver had malicious intent.

Now a short time later, police located a vehicle with two individuals that may have been involved in the incident. They told police they recovered the vehicle that had been stolen. The two men, Aaron Jackson age 33, and 28 year old Cody Albers were arrested for public intoxication. Their involvement in the incident remains under investigation.

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