Local Farmers Express Concerns to Congressman Huffman

Bayside, CA. (KIEM) – Congressman Jared Huffman returned to the North Coast on Tuesday and visited with local farmers to understand the issues they are often face.

Farmers and different organizations met at Redwood Roots Farm in Bayside so the congressman could listen to their needs and understand what life is like for small farmers.

Huffman doesn’t disagree with how important local food is on the North Coast.

Nicholas Pronsolino is a small farmer who has to do everything himself. He wants a distribution center for farmers like him. He hopes the proposed Green New Deal, which aims to address economic inequality and other issues will help his cause.

Huffman said he will take the concerns everyone made at Redwood Roots  back to Washington.

Huffman also went to Humboldt State University Tuesday night where he also discussed the Green New Deal and Climate Change priorities.