Humboldt County Teachers Work to Change the Game in Education


FORTUNA (KIEM) –  He doesn’t look like a typical principal. He rocks tattoos, wears a baseball cap, and even rolls around on a skateboard.

“We have to adapt and be better kids each and every day,” said motivational speaker Hamish Brewer.

Hamish Brewer is the skateboarding principal of a school out in Virginia. He, just like all other teachers in Humboldt County, are working to make an impact in their student’s lives.

“I want kids to love school. I want teachers to love teaching,” says Brewer.

“I want principals to love being principals. Our children are our future and we can make a huge difference in that outcome.”

His goal is to make going to school exciting again by bringing the passion, the fire, and the drive. He wants to show kids that there’s so much more to learning.

But everything starts with teachers learning from other teachers.

“I want to be the hub for change, I want to be the start point,” said Toddy Thomas Principal Matt Bigham. “I want to be a place where kids want to come. I want to be a place where families want to come and be a part of this school.”

Bigham sees Brewer as a mentor, and he wants to bring back that spark of curiosity back to his school community.

“We want to see kids do better,” said Bigham “We want to make education fun again and have positive atmosphere in school.”

Despite all the challenges that teachers face, Bigham strives to make his school a place where his students can have enjoy learning again.

“I aim to try and change that and if we can make this a more positive atmosphere, a more fun atmosphere for kids to come and want to learn and be a part of this school, that’s my goal,” said Bigham