Artists of Humboldt Part 2: The Man Behind the Lens, Using Night Photography to Capture Humboldt County


HUMBOLDT COUNTY (KIEM) – Night. It’s when most people are asleep. For David Wilson, he goes out to capture his the place that surrounds his home.

 “We’re a coastal county, with sort of a rugged beautiful coast,” said David. “I like to include that, and of course, we’re redwoods and that’s my favorite forest and I’m drawn to that.”

There’s no hustle and bustle. Just the quiet that blankets moonstone beach. The night really comes alive for David.

“I’m really drawn towards night shots and nature hold still long enough for night shots,” said David.

While city shots are beautiful, nature is his inspiration.

He captures what he sees through his lens, wanting to share that vision with everyone else.

“Living in the area, I was inspired to shoot the beauty that was here.”

With a simple click, that’s what he does.

“I would click the shutter, and then we would just have to stand around, with no much light on, for maybe 5 minutes,” says David, “then we’d look at it, either worked or it didn’t. If it didn’t we tried again.”

Throughout his night adventure, water drips from the cave, while waves wash up on the beach.

“It’s like a window into another world because we were in cave,” says David.

“Where we were, it was dark, and we had this crack that was the cave mouth, and out there we could see the beach and the sky with stars.”

From there, he takes the pictures he’s captured and turns them into something special.

“It’s my creative outlet and it’s something I can do,” says David, “it applies my aesthetic sense, and my intellect, and I get to put it together into something that looks good.”

“It’s nice to share with people because I see that they appreciate the beauty.”

Finding new ways and perspective to tell his story.

“Whether it’s something someone says or something that we’re doing, that will trigger an idea,” said David.

Just like how one of his picture shows a trail of stars, touching the light below brightening up the trees. David wants to share his thoughts through pictures.

“I like doing it for myself, and part of that is, it’s a way that I can do something for other people too,” said David.

The pictures we see is what David sees. Beauty that wraps the night.

David plans to continue to do what he loves, sharing pictures of his home, Humboldt County, with the rest of the world.

If you want to see more of David Wilson’s work, they are currently on display at Arts and Drafts in Old Town. You can also check out his website at

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