Electric Bus Takes the Street

Humboldt Co. (KIEM)– The first electric bus has taken the streets of Humboldt County, providing a cleaner alternative to the green-house gases omitted from cars and other buses.

The project has been in the works for three years now and today was a major stepping stone in providing a cleaner air alternative. With a heavy price tag, the project has costed near to eight-hundred and fifty-thousand dollars to get the bus up and running. Humboldt Transportation believes once the bus gets going, the profits will start coming in.

The electric bus is much cheaper to run and requires less maintenance. It was a hefty price tag to get the bus up and running, but now that they have all the necessary training and electrical hookups, the next bus will be much cheaper and easier to get.

It will cut down on greenhouse gases omitted from gas buses. It is cleaner, quieter, fully integrated with the shop and even has wifi.

The route will run from CR to HSU twice a day, in the morning and then at night. Inbetween, the bus will be charging. One charge will give the bus around 150 miles.