New Verizon Cell Tower Looking To Come To Eureka

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — Verizon is looking to build a new cell tower near the Henderson Center area in Eureka. The company is hoping to bring better service to its customers and fill a coverage gap caused by more people using the network.

The new tower would be at the intersection of K and Wood streets where the water tower that says “Eureka Home of the Loggers” currently sits. There are other cell towers run by another company just a few blocks away. Some residents that live in close proximity to the site received notice of the proposed project via mail, while some did not. This has left those neighbors with questions and concerns.

One resident that lives directly across the street from the site got a knock on her door on Friday inviting her to a community meeting about the proposed tower, but was unable to attend. She says that other than the in-person notice, she has not received any other information regarding the project.

Moving forward, for the project to get off the ground it still needs approval from the planning commission as well as the Eureka city council.