World Record Distance Swimmer Swims on the Eel River to Raise Awareness

RIO DELL (KIEM) – Adventure environmentalism, that’s what one world-record distance swimmer calls it. Dean hall is swimming the Eel River. His goal is to get swimmers out of chlorine tanks and into nature’s wild waterways.

Dean Hall is a cancer survivor.

“When I stepped in the water, I was doing it as my last desperate act,” said Hall “I was an active cancer patient, I had leukemia and lymphoma.”

Years ago, hall was diagnosed with leukemia. But he says, ever since being in the water it’s changed his life.

“I think there are all sorts of wonderful, even magical, healing properties out in nature,” said Hall.

In 2014, he swam the entire length of the Willamette River.

Making him the first person in history to do so. Three years later he decided to up the game by taking on the River Shannon in Ireland.

“There’s always a risk, one of my favorite quotes is adventure without risk is Disneyland,” said Hall.

There are challenges when swimming in wild and rapid waters. But that doesn’t stop him from his bigger goal while here on the North Coast. To bring awareness to his campaign F.O.E.R.WARD 30.

“I just fell in love with what everyone’s trying to do to help the Eel recover and it was just so beautiful, plus swimming through the redwoods, that’s a once in a lifetime event,” said Hall.

With that target in mind, Hall has been swimming the Eel River and has the support of his family.