Sporting Youth: Arcata Girls Soccer Team


ARCATA, Ca (KIEM) – Patrick Stranahan and the Arcata Girls soccer team had to cancel the Eye of the Tiger Soccer Tournament this year because of lack of teams. But that didn’t stop the Tigers to get ready for their opener against South Fork.

The Eye of the Tiger Soccer Tournament is a huge fundraiser that supports the girls’ soccer team the entire year. The head coach has other alternatives to make up that financial loss.

“Selling ad space on the back of our pre-game shirts. People who want to sponsor the team will provide the sponsorship, and we’ll put their names on the back of our pre-game shirts. So they’ll get advertising in that way,” said Patrick Stranahan, Head Soccer Coach.

The girls will play their first conference away game at South Fork on September 11th. As of now, they won’t scrimmage any teams before their season opener.

“I think it’s really great to see competition in other teams around here and start the season with pre-game stuff,” said Sophia Salinas, Center Defender.

Despite the setback, the team is ready to start their season and play South Fork.

“I’m just confident in our team and confident in our players. I think we’re just going to kill the game this season,” said Zoe Leonard, Center Defender.

The girls are motivated to take home the NCS D1 League Title this year. The inspiration comes from wanting to work hard.

“I have a really good group of girls. I don’t have to motivate them much at all. They want to work. They want to be out here for each other. You’ve seen it. They work for each other. I hardly have to do any of the motivating. They have plenty,” said Stranahan.

Their biggest rival is the Eureka Loggers. The Tigers lost to them last year in the NCS Championship Game. This time they want to come out on top.

“I think we’ll just will work harder than them. Put in the time and effort, hopefully, improve enough to beat them,” said Leonard.

 “That’s the most thing I want out of this school year. I could fail classes, but if we got league, I’d be good,” said Salinas.

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