Residents celebrate last day of Apple Harvest Festival

Fortuna, Ca., (KIEM) Apple picking and cider tasting continue in Fortuna as residents celebrate the last day of this year’s Apple Harvest Festival.

The festival begun Saturday and continued Sunday at Clendenen Cider Works.

Community members enjoyed their time under the sun listening to music from the band, Night Hawk. Families also explored the apple orchard on a free hayride.

This year marks the 150 harvests of the orchard and 35 years of Apple Harvest Festival.

The owner of the Fortuna orchard said he looks forward to the harvest festival because it showcases local agriculture and helps local businesses.

“I think people really like to know where their food comes from,” said Clif Clendenen. “And that’s important. People like to shop local and it’s free. You can come here and just have a good time and it showcases the businesses in town.”