Remembering former Crabs President Bill Ruff


EUREKA, Ca (KIEM)-Bill Ruff. A father, friend, educator and the face of the Crabs. The former team president died on Christmas Day at the age of 65.

Over 50 people attended his memorial Sunday at the Sequoia Conference Center. The bay area native relocated to the North Coast in the early 90’s.

Bill worked for the Humboldt County board of education nearly 20 years. His passion towards academics correlated with his impact at the Arcata Ballpark.

As the seventh Crabs president, Ruff improved the stadium’s in-game facilities. The organization installed new bleachers while posting a 70-26 record.

New Crabs president, David Sharp said the team will commemorate Bill’s legacy this season. The plan is to create a scholarship for low-income families to attend Crabs Camp.