Businesses and consumers changing daily habits for Covid-19


EUREKA, Ca (KIEM)-For some, daily routines have changed with growing concerns surrounding Covid-19, some, more concerned than others.

After stopping by two local coffee shops, workers told us while they are taking measures to help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, some folks are taking extreme measures that may be putting health workers at risk.

Co-owner of Old Town Coffee is taking the news of Covid-19 seriously.

“We knew it was time to take some extra precautions, cause everybody is concerned and we’re concerned. So we’re trying to get ahead of things,” Gail Mentink said.

Mentick says her advice for food workers- if you’re sick don’t come to work.

If businesses are shorthanded, customers will understand.

According to healthcare worker Cindy Wiesner there is an apparent shortage of protective supplies for medical staff.

“Keep in mind hoarding masks is hurting healthcare workers,” Wiesner said. “And also be kind and considerate to our community by not hoarding things like hand sanitizer.”

One of many products local stores have seen flying off the shelves.

Some suppliers have put a limit on the number of products customers can purchase.

At Gold Rush Coffee, they too have added new steps to their routine, for good measure.

“We have also got some Clorox wipes so that we can make sure to wipe down surfaces that are touched very often by people,” assistant manager Alyssa Lewis said. “We like to-after a rush to disinfect everything.”

Lewis also added this piece of advice for those concerned.

“I would just say be cautious just don’t go overboard,” she said.