Folks flock to stores for last-minute items


EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)-With Humboldt County residents asked to shelter in place starting at midnight, shoppers turned out in big numbers today to get last-minute items.

Shoppers picked up dairy, soda and animal food but there were no more essential paper products left on the shelves, according to Eureka resident Susie Jewell.  

They did have shopping carts and lots of shoppers to fill them.

“I came here to get some dog food and some other things then I ended up getting more than I needed because Eureka is shutting down at midnight,” Jewell said.

Those who ventured out were not only out to get groceries. With the “shelter in place,” order parents want to keep their kids busy with fun things to do.

Kimberly Varges is one of those parents.

“They need to stay busy during the day,” Varges said. “So I went to Michael’s and I spent some money there to buy some fun activities for my clients and my children, both.”

While some had patients to wait in line, some opted to go elsewhere.

Steve Ring came out to get some groceries and last minute items for his daughter’s birthday.

“Me and my daughter, we showed up, I just figured we’ll do something else,” Ring said.

Despite the frenzy to get last-minute items, shoppers seem to be taking it in stride, like Garberville Resident, Jeff Vandelinder.

“I understand why we’re doing it. I think everyone kinda knows what’s going on, to some extent,” Vandelinder said. “So I am not upset about it.”

And for those out-and-about, Jewell has this message.

 “Get what you need and go back home, and that’s my advice,” she said.