Community throws party for beloved neighbor, “social distancing” style


EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)-A community bands together to throw a birthday party for
their beloved neighbor while keeping social distancing in mind.

JoAnn Diaz organized the event for her neighbor of 30 years.  

“I love Betty Brennen,” Diaz said. “She’s a wonderful
neighbor and that’s what all the neighbors think.”

The neighborhood couldn’t contain their admiration for their darling
neighbor who is turning 80 years young.  

“We trying to surprise her, having a socially distant party,” said Tony
Gomez, another neighbor.  

As six o’clock rolled around neighbors began to appear in the street and on
front porches.

Some with balloons, some had signs and many had
hula hoops.

Even her brother Biele made the trek from Arcata.

Once the music came on, the party started and then there she was- Betty
Brennen, appearing at the end of her walkway.

As the crowd started singing Happy Birthday, she could barely contain her

“I feel great and thank you to the neighborhood for all the best
wishes,” Brennen said.

Her sense of humor, undeniable.

“And my dream is to live to be 89 and I’ll think I’ll make it,” she said.
“I truly enjoyed it and thank you very much, that’s enough now.”

As quickly as the party started, it ended.

Annie Confer had a good time despite having to take precautions amid the
Covid-19 outbreak.

“It was still good,” Confer said. “The speakers were nice so we still
danced and hula hooped but we kept our distance and still cheered on Betty who
turned 80 which is a wonderful thing.”

A wonderful thing, to be loved as much as Betty Brennen.