Support on the way for reservation, One new COVID case reported


HOOPA VALLEY, Calif. (KIEM)-the Hoopa Office of Emergency Services reported today, one new COVID-19 case bringing their total confirmed cases to 44. 

Eighteen cases remain active, with 26 recoveries and 0 deaths.  

These numbers are the latest results from K’ima:w Medical Center.  

The Hoopa Covid-19 Incident Management Team has reached out to outside agencies for assistance, according to their safety officer, Abraham Camez III. 

“Food for people, the department of human services, who will be here,” he said.  

The non-profit is expected on Wednesday, August 26, to provide, t in the form of food boxes, free cell phones and mental health services, and again, the following Wednesday on September 2.  

“Our opening safety plan template has been sent to all the incident management team department heads, according to Camez.  Managers are being asked to return the template once completed via email.  

“I will follow-up an email to these department managers explaining the different phases of reopening as the council begins to lift restrictions,” he said.   

Camez says, thermometers used to screen workers have been re-calibrated to meet the Tribe’s new policy for checking employees, some were reading up to two degrees off.  

Liaison for the incident team says, she has important information for Hoopa businesses and entities.  

“[Should be] putting in letters of support for legislation that will help the digital divide, cause that’s one of the huge packages that Governor Newsom is pushing for,” said Vivenna Orcutt.  

“I was on the phone with the Geographic Area Command Center for our FEMA order for additional section chiefs and officers for the incident management team,” said Hoopa’s Fire Chief Gregory Moon.   

Moon says, he’s been in communication with the Geographic Area Command Center to procure qualified and experienced people to work hand-in-hand with the Hoopa incident management team.  

“Maybe if you need a day off or you just need another you,” Moon said. “They should be here Friday morning.” 

The hotline is the best way to reach out to the Hoopa Office of Emergency Services for those who have questions, concerns or in need of supplies that number is (530) 625-8100