No new COVID-19 cases 3 days in a row on reservation


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- For three consecutive days the Hoopa Office of Emergency Services reported no new COVID-19 cases on the Hoopa Indian Reservation leaving their total confirmed cases to 46.

Five cases remain active with 41 recoveries and 0 deaths.

These numbers are the latest results from K’ima:w Medical Center, and although there haven’t been any positive cases for three days in a row, Hoopa officials want community members to adhere to orders and guidelines set by the Tribal Counsel.

“We’ll be handing out non-perishable food boxes to the community Wednesday next to the Food for people food truck,” said Allie Holster, who Operation Chief for the Hoopa COVID-19 Management Team.

She says, their team is also working on lodging for CDC health professionals sent to Hoopa for support.

Angela Goldman is with the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA, now, working as liaison for Hoopa OES.

She says, they’ve started working on some logistic long-term plans for dealing with this pandemic.

“It’s going to be with us for a while so we have to start looking into the future,” said Goldman.

Mass testing is one way they are looking into the future.

According to the Hoopa COVID-19 Management Team’s Safety Officer Abe Camez, they’re in the planning stages to erect temporary pop-up testing sites throughout the reservation.

“I worked on identifying three spots for the clinic that would serve the valley the best,” he said.

“The Access North was identified as North Marshal Lane, Access Central would be the neighborhood facilities and Access South would be the modular plant. This would allow access for people in those areas without a vehicle.

 A safety plan is in place to help identify resources needed to facilitate COVID testing, some resources include personnel, tents and personal protective equipment specifically for OES staff who assist with testing logistics.  

Camez doesn’t want the stigma as it pertains to testing to prevent community members from getting it done – even those who are asymptomatic.

To make an appointment call 530-625-4261 ext. 0218

“We need to continue to our safety protocol including social distancing sanitizing and washing your hands often and we need to remember, there is still a shelter in place order, as well as a curfew at 10 p.m.” said Camez.

The hotline is the best way to reach out to the Hoopa Office of Emergency Services for those who have questions, concerns or are in need of supplies that number is (530) 625-8100